Thursday, 16 February 2012

I Hate Red Tape

A Bulldozer Near the polling station

The BMC, or Mumbai’s municipal corporation, is India’s richest, with an annual budget of over Rs20,000 crores, which equates to about 4 billion dollars, and today the citizens of Mumbai got to decide whether the unscrupulous politicians or the more unscrupulous politicians got to control it. I just wanted to take some pictures and capture the essence of this democratic exercise, involving millions of people.
Unfortunately life is never as easy as it seems, and as usual it threw a wrench in my plans. After reaching the polling booth, I was told I needed a whole range of permissions to be allowed to take pictures, even though I was not infringing anyone’s rights or the functioning of the operation. I was however able to capture a couple of very ordinary pictures before I was turned away.
Nevertheless elections always bring with them a faint ray of hope, hope for change. I hope this time, the change is real and Mumbai can get more of the care it definitely deserves.

PS. I hope I have more sucess covreing some of the street food I love tomorrow

A Poliecman Outside the Ramshacke Polling Station

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